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About Autistic In America

In a life filled with therapy appointments, IEP meetings, and never-ending parenting challenges, Autistic in America is your daily breath of fresh air and first point of reference for more joy and simplicity. When you visit our site, you can easily find activities, products, services, and local and national events that meet your ASD and SPD child’s needs. From dentists to festivals and every swim lesson and soccer practice in between, Autistic in America opens the door to a world waiting just for you.

Our Story

Trisha Strohm – Founder of Autistic in America

Like so many of the best inventions, Autistic in America was created by a mom in need of something that didn’t exist. Trisha Strohm’s son, Mason, was diagnosed with autism at four-and-a-half years old. She was relieved to finally have a diagnosis but felt utterly unprepared for the daily struggles and emotional toll as she attempted to create a normal life for Mason. Trisha refused to accept that her son couldn’t join the rest of the world because of an autism diagnosis.

After spending a full day searching for autism-friendly swim lessons even remotely close by, Trisha knew there had to be an easier way. As an autism parent, day-to-day life was already difficult – she didn’t need one more hurdle. With a background in advertising and digital media, Trisha set out to create a daily go-to resource for parents of children with autism and sensory processing disorder – a place that makes finding autism- and sensory-friendly events, services, products, and activities easy… simple even.

Autistic in America is the place where you come to really LIVE with autism, where inclusion is the norm, and where no one is an outsider. Welcome – the door is open